Maintaining the course


Having grown up around golf courses, I am aware of the maintenance that it takes to keep them going and keeping golfers happy. In addition to having to water the course and maintain the greens, there is a secondary form of maintenance that most people are not aware of. When talking to one of my customers who works for the website, I realized that there is much more concrete involved in maintaining a golf course than people might think. 

Today’s golf course is more advanced than ever, offering not only the best in golf, but also the best in amenities. There are clubhouses, driveways, restaurants, and cart paths that must be maintained and updated to meet the demands of paying customers and visitors alike. It then becomes a matter of paving driveways with concrete as well as performing the maintenance on the course itself. Every golf course must maintain its image and customer appeal, so concrete often becomes an unforeseen externality.

What this means to golfers

As far as the golfing populous is concerned, many do not pay attention to what it takes to maintain a golf course. As long as we have lush fairways and well-maintained greens, we hardly pay any mind to what it takes to make all of this possible. However, many of these companies also handle residential requests. I found out that my client not only had a number of contracts with golf courses, but also a number of contracts for private homeowners.

One of their specialties, high end brick pavement, is something that both golf courses and wealthy customers find very useful in their courses or around their homes. Golf is not only about the joy of the sport, but about the atmosphere surrounding the course. The right brick or concrete pavement can do wonders for the aesthetic of the course or the home, and give customers something to really look at.


What makes golf such a relaxing sport is not only its nature, but also something that local companies have helped the course maintain. Join us this spring as we enjoy all of the splendors of golf and the people that help make our fantasy a reality.


Dealing with golf stress


There is no question that golf is a frustrating sport. In fact, studies have shown that many golfers do not actually enjoy golf, but rather it is a stress increase in their already stressful lives. Many people want to like golf, but do not know how to channel their stress and anger while playing, which is crucial to the enjoyment of the game.

As someone that has struggled with anger and stress for most of my adult life, I know that it can be difficult to separate stress from knowing that golf is supposed to be fun. Truly one of the games that one plays against themselves, there has to be a way to reach inner peace no matter how the game is going.

The importance of disconnect

As someone that has also perfected the art of the disconnect, I can tell you that it is a key component of becoming a better golfer. I have found that not dwelling on every shot, no matter how good or bad, that the game will just sort of come together.

Of course this is difficult to do at times, but it is essential in deciding which is more important, a game of golf, or your overall health. Most of the time this is an easy decision, and finding the right balance is the key to bringing the game and life together. In a sense, golf is more than a game, but in another sense, it is nothing more than a game. Enjoy it!

The sounds of spring

Spring is finally here and that means golf season is upon us. In addition, there are a number of other events associated with the sport that are worth mentioning, such as swimming. Actually, let me back up. The first sounds of spring, in my experience are the sighs of relief that winter is finally over, but also some additional sighs that indicate that there is much work to be done in order to prepare for the spring and summer months.

The first sigh I usually hear about from friends and family is having to prepare the pool for summer. A necessity in the warm climate that I’m from, it is almost mandatory that I set up a monthly swimming pool cleaning program as soon as spring starts. Not only will this take a burden off of me when it comes to maintaining my pool, but a financial one as well. It gives me the peace of mind I need to truly enjoy golf season.

Keeping up with maintenance

In golf and in life, it is all about keeping up maintenance for the things that are important to us. Back to the topic of pools, my pool contractor fix and repair company is one that has kept me stress-free and golfing as much as I want. During the ideal summer, the only stress I want to feel is on the golf course, not about keeping up on my daily life chores.

In addition, summer and spring are a time of birth, rebirth, or simply adding something more to your life in any way you can. This was great because I was surprised to hear that the same company I use to clean my pools offers hot tub spa remodeling, which I have long thought about adding to my domicile. It is the perfect way to relax after a long day of golf and unwind knowing that everything is taken care of.


Spring is a time of giving, birthing, and enjoying life. Make your life complete by enjoying all that the season has to offer, and making sure to hit the links.


Tis the Season

If you live in the Midwest like I do, you probably noticed that the weather has finally broken and that the days are getting longer and sunnier. It is the perfect time to start the golf season. As the courses dry, the sun shines, and the weather continues to get warmer, each day brings us closer to the season when we are able to golf every day of the week. Perhaps the best part of it, is the fact that the winter was so long and the golf season may be even longer.

The best thing to do in this prime time golf season is get the children involved in the great game of golf. As a proud new parent myself, I learned that golf is the best way to connect with children who may spend a lot of time in front of screens, like a lot of the youth of today.

Share golf with someone you love

Another thing that I noticed as the year began to turn to warmer weather, that people are interested in getting out of the home and trying new things. Both my wife and children expressed a new interest in golf, which I was happy to share with them. Perhaps it is the fact that the weather is shaping up perfectly for golf, or that winter was so long, but tis the season to golf with the ones you love.

The next time you hit the links, think of someone that you would like to take with you. It is truly the time to get new people into the wonderful world of golf.

The many externalities of golf


Many casual golfers simply enjoy the act of golf. The sun in your face, the wind at your back, the feeling of hitting the perfect shot and the joy of spending time with others. This is all well and good, but so much more goes into maintaining a course than one could even imagine. Having worked as a landscaper, I know the ins and outs of maintaining a golf course, and often try to educate my fellow golfers on the topic.

For example, a colleague of mine working for a local asphalt company in San Jose, California called came to me asking if we needed any asphalt poured at the golf course I was currently landscaping for. This began my foray into truly understanding what it takes to run an efficient course and all of the externalities involved. I thought to myself “why would a golf course need asphalt?”.

It was only then that I realized the larger implications and how silly my question to him was.

Understanding the complete picture

Looking back, the more appropriate question would be “Why wouldn’t a golf course need asphalt?”. It was my mistake overlooking the many walkways, parking lots, and other trails on which golf carts could more efficiently run. Beyond that, the colleague told me about other services such as having a page for their brick paving service,, which would be perfect for buildings and walkways that were not part of the golf course itself.

I was awestruck by the ways in which these services would not only benefit the look and feel of the course, but offer a safer environment for the golfers. The clubhouse, with its old concrete decks and walkways was due for an overhaul. After having the new brick installed, the clubhouse saw a significant increase in business and positive customer feedback.


It wasn’t until I explored the site on my own that I realized how interconnected the two companies were destined to become. I mentioned the old concrete walkways before? Well there were instances in which the concrete could not be replaced by brick, and I found a solution to this contained on the concrete paving page at


The cost of broken clubs


Let’s be honest, there is probably at least one time in which we have wanted to break a club over our knee. The wicked slice that we have tried hard to correct, or the freak accident involving a tree and a body of water. The fact is, that golf can be a frustrating sport, and breaking or throwing a club is a natural reaction.

But let’s step back and look at it for a second. The first thing to consider when the urge comes to break a club is monetary, but the second is more important and much more far reaching. We, as golfers know that golf is a sport that is essentially played against oneself.

We recognize that our own skills will hit a point that we are unhappy with, and it is up to us to channel this emotion in a positive manner.

Next time you think about breaking a club

Consider the fact that this is fleeting aggression and stop yourself from doing it, but also understand that this is indicative of a larger problem. Think for a moment that this is the only club that you have. Breaking it would be silly right? Well extend this beyond the single club and think of it as a way to handle future feelings of frustration.

If you think of every club as your only club, you will realize that frustration is a part of the game, and one that we as golfers need to cope with. It’s true that clubs are objects, but when thinking about them as much more than that, we begin to understand how to better vent our emotions on the course.

Choosing the right golf shoes


Let’s face it, when it comes to comfort, shoes are the top priority. Just like in everyday life, shoes on the course can make the difference between a positive and negative experience. Think of it this way, for as much time as you spend on your feet in daily life, you likely spend twice that time standing when golfing.

This means that finding the right shoes is essential not only for health and comfort, but also for achieving peak athletic performance. And while you may think that all golf shoes are the same, it is important to remember that there are certain ways in which the differ, and that finding the ideal pair may be more complicated than you think.

Things to look for

First and foremost, it is essential to find a pair of shoes that contours to your unique foot shape. In addition to size, which is important, be sure to choose a pair that fits the shape of your foot. A common misconception is that golf shoes need to be “broken in”. While it is true to an extend, the ideal pair of shoes will speak to you long before the breaking in period.

It is also important to know your terrain. Some golf shoes are designed for courses that are dry, some are designed for courses that are wet. And while there is a great deal of overlap between the two, you will want to purchase a pair that is best suited for your common golfing conditions.

Gearing up for golf season


Here in the United States, spring has sprung, which means it’s time to get out the clubs and start planning days and weekends on the links. One thing to remember when planning your trips, is taking into account the new shape of the face of golf and realizing how the climate plays a large role in how the day will turn out.

Climate change has gripped not only our country, but the entire world, making the weather a bit more difficult to predict. According to weather experts, the golf season in the continental United States will likely be warm and rainy throughout, which means it’s time to plan accordingly.

What to get for the season

First and foremost, make sure that you have a few pairs of durable, water resistant golf shoes for the upcoming season. Conditions will likely be wet and muddy, which means that having the right shoes will make all of the difference. Also, ensure that your bag contains plenty of towels. This will allow you to preserve your clubs and keep your ball dry to ensure maximum effectiveness.

If you live in the south or Midwest areas of the US, be sure that you are aware of how the climate change will affect the courses themselves. As temperatures rise and moisture becomes more prevalent, the topography of courses will change. Be sure that you are prepared for this phenomenon by scouting courses and asking course managers what has changed throughout the winter.

Golf may actually prolong your life


Anybody reading this blog likely already understands the many recreational benefits of golf as well as the social ones. Able to bring people together and share experiences with others is the cornerstone of why the sport is so popular across the globe. But did you know that golf may actually allow you to live a longer life?

Studies have shown a number of health benefits of golf that extend far beyond the obvious exercise that if offers. Many enjoy the peace and serenity of a nice sunny day of golf, which just by being outside gives us healthy doses of vitamin D and fresh air, which are both essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, there is a reason that golf acts as an escape from the everyday world, and that’s because it has been proven to reduce stress.

Why stress reduction is key

Stress can be caused by a number of factors in our life, and many studies have been conducted that outline the negative effects of stress. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, mental disorders, physical pain, and a variety of other mental and physical problems.

Researchers estimate that golfing once a week, free of distractions can help reduce stress by at least 20 percent, allowing us to return to the rigors of life with a clearer head and calmer disposition. Studies have also shown that those with less stress in their life on average live 4 years longer than average.

We know why we love golf, but perhaps we didn’t know that it could save our life.


How many clubs do you need?


Having golfed with a wide variety of individuals of all levels of expertise, there is one question that I get all of the time: “how many golf clubs do I need in my bag?” Of course, like with anything involving golf, the answer is subjective, but there are ways to tell if you have too many or too few clubs.

The first thing to do is look at your own relative level of expertise. If you are a beginner or intermediate, chances are that you can get away with a simple set of woods, irons, and a putter and be just fine. The sort of specialty clubs and hybrid clubs, while useful, are really only for experienced players that know how to use them properly.

As a general rule, if you don’t know why a specific golf club exists, chances are you probably don’t need it.

How to tell when to add to your bag

Basically, this is your call, but an important thing to remember is that adding to your bag is a big decision. And while it may open up your golf game drastically, it will take awhile to get used to a new club. Only start adding to your bag when you’ve mastered the basic set of clubs and find that you’ve hit a plateau in your game.

Also, don’t be too hasty when choosing a new club. Carefully determine the gap in your game that the new club is supposed to fill in order to ensure that the addition is worthwhile.

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