Gearing up for golf season


Here in the United States, spring has sprung, which means it’s time to get out the clubs and start planning days and weekends on the links. One thing to remember when planning your trips, is taking into account the new shape of the face of golf and realizing how the climate plays a large role in how the day will turn out.

Climate change has gripped not only our country, but the entire world, making the weather a bit more difficult to predict. According to weather experts, the golf season in the continental United States will likely be warm and rainy throughout, which means it’s time to plan accordingly.

What to get for the season

First and foremost, make sure that you have a few pairs of durable, water resistant golf shoes for the upcoming season. Conditions will likely be wet and muddy, which means that having the right shoes will make all of the difference. Also, ensure that your bag contains plenty of towels. This will allow you to preserve your clubs and keep your ball dry to ensure maximum effectiveness.

If you live in the south or Midwest areas of the US, be sure that you are aware of how the climate change will affect the courses themselves. As temperatures rise and moisture becomes more prevalent, the topography of courses will change. Be sure that you are prepared for this phenomenon by scouting courses and asking course managers what has changed throughout the winter.

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