The cost of broken clubs


Let’s be honest, there is probably at least one time in which we have wanted to break a club over our knee. The wicked slice that we have tried hard to correct, or the freak accident involving a tree and a body of water. The fact is, that golf can be a frustrating sport, and breaking or throwing a club is a natural reaction.

But let’s step back and look at it for a second. The first thing to consider when the urge comes to break a club is monetary, but the second is more important and much more far reaching. We, as golfers know that golf is a sport that is essentially played against oneself.

We recognize that our own skills will hit a point that we are unhappy with, and it is up to us to channel this emotion in a positive manner.

Next time you think about breaking a club

Consider the fact that this is fleeting aggression and stop yourself from doing it, but also understand that this is indicative of a larger problem. Think for a moment that this is the only club that you have. Breaking it would be silly right? Well extend this beyond the single club and think of it as a way to handle future feelings of frustration.

If you think of every club as your only club, you will realize that frustration is a part of the game, and one that we as golfers need to cope with. It’s true that clubs are objects, but when thinking about them as much more than that, we begin to understand how to better vent our emotions on the course.

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