The many externalities of golf


Many casual golfers simply enjoy the act of golf. The sun in your face, the wind at your back, the feeling of hitting the perfect shot and the joy of spending time with others. This is all well and good, but so much more goes into maintaining a course than one could even imagine. Having worked as a landscaper, I know the ins and outs of maintaining a golf course, and often try to educate my fellow golfers on the topic.

For example, a colleague of mine working for a local asphalt company in San Jose, California called came to me asking if we needed any asphalt poured at the golf course I was currently landscaping for. This began my foray into truly understanding what it takes to run an efficient course and all of the externalities involved. I thought to myself “why would a golf course need asphalt?”.

It was only then that I realized the larger implications and how silly my question to him was.

Understanding the complete picture

Looking back, the more appropriate question would be “Why wouldn’t a golf course need asphalt?”. It was my mistake overlooking the many walkways, parking lots, and other trails on which golf carts could more efficiently run. Beyond that, the colleague told me about other services such as having a page for their brick paving service,, which would be perfect for buildings and walkways that were not part of the golf course itself.

I was awestruck by the ways in which these services would not only benefit the look and feel of the course, but offer a safer environment for the golfers. The clubhouse, with its old concrete decks and walkways was due for an overhaul. After having the new brick installed, the clubhouse saw a significant increase in business and positive customer feedback.


It wasn’t until I explored the site on my own that I realized how interconnected the two companies were destined to become. I mentioned the old concrete walkways before? Well there were instances in which the concrete could not be replaced by brick, and I found a solution to this contained on the concrete paving page at


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