Tis the Season

If you live in the Midwest like I do, you probably noticed that the weather has finally broken and that the days are getting longer and sunnier. It is the perfect time to start the golf season. As the courses dry, the sun shines, and the weather continues to get warmer, each day brings us closer to the season when we are able to golf every day of the week. Perhaps the best part of it, is the fact that the winter was so long and the golf season may be even longer.

The best thing to do in this prime time golf season is get the children involved in the great game of golf. As a proud new parent myself, I learned that golf is the best way to connect with children who may spend a lot of time in front of screens, like a lot of the youth of today.

Share golf with someone you love

Another thing that I noticed as the year began to turn to warmer weather, that people are interested in getting out of the home and trying new things. Both my wife and children expressed a new interest in golf, which I was happy to share with them. Perhaps it is the fact that the weather is shaping up perfectly for golf, or that winter was so long, but tis the season to golf with the ones you love.

The next time you hit the links, think of someone that you would like to take with you. It is truly the time to get new people into the wonderful world of golf.

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