Golf as an Olympic sport

A lot of people are excited to see that golf will be featured at the summer Olympics this year after over a hundred years of not being featured. And while this news excites many, it makes others question why this is the case. The main argument for golf as an Olympic sport is its rich history in the world and its enjoyment by millions of people across the planet. It is almost strange to think that someone would not want to see golf featured in the Olympics, but those people do exist.

The main argument against is golf as an Olympic sport hinges primarily on the already busy schedule of professional golfers. Many are so inundated with golf-related events and commitments, that some are electing not to attend the Olympics at all! Strange that potential gold medal winners would skip the opportunity, but this shows just how busy golfers are.

The debate rages on

While most of the people that are against golf as an Olympic sport are willing to bite the bullet and attend despite their already busy schedule, many professionals maintain that golf should not be held at the event at all, arguing that it is a sport where people do not train to be Olympians, but simply do it for the enjoyment and potential of becoming a professional golfer.

It is not that the sport itself should not be considered worth of the Olympics, but rather should we put more pressure on golfers, which already have an incredibly busy schedule?

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