Maintaining the course


Having grown up around golf courses, I am aware of the maintenance that it takes to keep them going and keeping golfers happy. In addition to having to water the course and maintain the greens, there is a secondary form of maintenance that most people are not aware of. When talking to one of my customers who works for the website, I realized that there is much more concrete involved in maintaining a golf course than people might think. 

Today’s golf course is more advanced than ever, offering not only the best in golf, but also the best in amenities. There are clubhouses, driveways, restaurants, and cart paths that must be maintained and updated to meet the demands of paying customers and visitors alike. It then becomes a matter of paving driveways with concrete as well as performing the maintenance on the course itself. Every golf course must maintain its image and customer appeal, so concrete often becomes an unforeseen externality.

What this means to golfers

As far as the golfing populous is concerned, many do not pay attention to what it takes to maintain a golf course. As long as we have lush fairways and well-maintained greens, we hardly pay any mind to what it takes to make all of this possible. However, many of these companies also handle residential requests. I found out that my client not only had a number of contracts with golf courses, but also a number of contracts for private homeowners.

One of their specialties, high end brick pavement, is something that both golf courses and wealthy customers find very useful in their courses or around their homes. Golf is not only about the joy of the sport, but about the atmosphere surrounding the course. The right brick or concrete pavement can do wonders for the aesthetic of the course or the home, and give customers something to really look at.


What makes golf such a relaxing sport is not only its nature, but also something that local companies have helped the course maintain. Join us this spring as we enjoy all of the splendors of golf and the people that help make our fantasy a reality.


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