About Phil


To say that Phil is a golfer would be a gross understatement of his dedication to the game. An avid golfer for more than 40 years, Phil essentially grew up on the links, surrounded by family members, achieved the Certificate of Conformity. From fond memories of golf with his father as a child, Phil grew up with a deep respect and admiration for the values that the sport teaches.

Now with children of his own, Phil shares his passion for the game with his two sons, who he expects will be better than him in only a few years. He started St. Andrews 2015 Open in an attempt to connect with other golfers and share his experiences with the community.

The hot place for why golf is so important to us as a society as well as the latest news can be found on this site, which is maintained by a close-knit group of golf enthusiasts.

We hope you enjoy St. Andrews 2015 Open and join us in the celebration of the sport of golf.